• Mykola A. Meleshko National Aviation University, Kyiv
  • Іryna A. Slіpukhіna National Aviation University, Kyiv
  • Іhor S. Chernetskyi National Center «Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine», Kyiv
  • Yulyia V. Kubai National Aviation University, Kyiv




flashbook, flipbook, laboratory practical physics, information technology competence, future engineer, digital laboratory


The article discusses the content of the «flash-book» construct, defining its properties and possible components. There are presented some examples of components programming steps of “authoring flash – book”, considered the possibility of using such an electronic document to optimize the learning process at the Technical University in the performance of laboratory training on general physics. The technique of its using to provide individualized approach to learning and the use of various experimental base from classical to digital equipment laboratories is proposed. It was carried out the analysis of ways to improve such interactive electronic document for the development of information technology competence of engineering students.


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Author Biographies

Mykola A. Meleshko, National Aviation University, Kyiv

Аssociate professor, PhD, professor of computer multimedia technology

Іryna A. Slіpukhіna, National Aviation University, Kyiv

Associate professor, PhD, associate professor of General Physics

Іhor S. Chernetskyi, National Center «Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine», Kyiv

PhD, Head of the Department of creation educational and thematic knowledge systems

Yulyia V. Kubai, National Aviation University, Kyiv

student, Institute of Computer Information Technology


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How to Cite

Meleshko, M. A., Slіpukhіna І. A., Chernetskyi І. S., & Kubai, Y. V. (2014). FEATURES OF TECHNOLOGIES CREATE INTERACTIVE ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT FOR SUPPORT OF LABORATORY PRACTICAL PHYSICS. Information Technologies and Learning Tools, 39(1), 264–274. https://doi.org/10.33407/itlt.v39i1.1006



Development and introduction of educational programming and technical tools