• Inna A. Khyzhnyak State Higher Educational Establishment «Donbas State Pedagogical University», Slovyansk
Keywords: professional activity, primary school teacher, e-linguomethodology, genres of electronic editions, electronic textbook


The article reveals the problems of primary school teachers professional activity under the conditions of education informatization, gives the general characteristic of e-linguomethodology’s researches directions as an innovative area of methodology science, argues the necessity of general classification of e-linguomethodology’s genres for primary school, presents an analysis of existing research on the topic, summarizes their results on the electronic books as a genre of educational software. The author substantiates her own classification of e-linguomethodology’s means for primary school, accents attention on importance of their system use in an educational process, pays special attention to psychological and pedagogical, methodical and technical requirements to electronic textbooks on language and speech development.


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Author Biography

Inna A. Khyzhnyak, State Higher Educational Establishment «Donbas State Pedagogical University», Slovyansk
PhD (in Pedagogical Sciences), associate professor, dean of the Primary School Teachers Training Faculty


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Khyzhnyak, I. A. (2016). ELECTRONIC TEXTBOOK ON LANGUAGE AND SPEECH DEVELOPMENT IN THE SYSTEM OF E-LINGUOMETHODOLOGY MEANS FOR PRIMARY SCHOOL. Information Technologies and Learning Tools, 51(1), 57-66. https://doi.org/10.33407/itlt.v51i1.1308
ICT and learning tools in secondary education