післядипломна освіта, інформаційне суспільство, відкрита освіта, модернізація, інформатизація, інформаційні технології, SWOT-аналіз


Formation of the information society as a new form of social reality functioning by means of multi-indicators - symbols - signals - stimulus – codes stimulates the ever-increasing intellectualization of all types of social practices, including education. It undergoes the process of transformation into a theory and practice of continuous professional development of cognitive workers capable of self-processing information and acquiring new knowledge based on using IT. The main areas of reforming education in Ukraine is to bring its essence and content into line with the contemporary development world trends, caused by civilizational changes and challenges, as well as its ability to provide adequate responses to them. Based on a synthesis of scientific literature on the educational development in the information society and analysis of the current trends in the development of the postgraduate education system in Ukraine, the article provides SWOT analysis of the development of this educational branch in the conditions of its informatization, individualization and integration into the European information educational space. The purpose of the article is to identify the problems, advantages, threats and prospects of informatization of the national postgraduate education and transforming it into an open system. The study concluded that the effective functioning of postgraduate education in the open information educational space is ensured by its variability, flexibility, and the ability to create optimal conditions for the individualization of the educational process based on a combination of formal, informal and informal education. An open university of postgraduate education is proved to provide such conditions most optimally. The perspective directions and development goals of the national system of open postgraduate pedagogical education in Ukraine are determined. The following model of this process is introduced: "civilization change - educational problem - search for ways and development of a program for its solution - displaying them in the content and forms PPE - accreditation and implementation of the corresponding educational programs varied in diversity of their content and profiles - monitoring the quality of their implementation."


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Author Biographies

Mykola O. Kyrychenko, SHEI “University of Educational Management” of NAES of Ukraine, Kyiv

PhD, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of Higher Education of Ukraine, Rector o

Olena M. Otych, SHEI “University of Educational Management” of NAES of Ukraine, Kyiv

Dr.hab.of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Vice-rector for Scientific and Methodological work and International Relations Department

Victor V. Oliynyk, SHEI “University of Educational Management” of NAES of Ukraine, Kyiv

Dr.hab.of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Member of NAES of Ukraine (Academician), Adviser for Rector


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