information and communication technologies, automated control system, quality management system, institution of higher education, quality assurance system of educational activities, management of education quality


The article highlights the results of the practical application of modern information and communication technologies in the management of institutions of higher education on the example of the Kyiv National University of Technology and Design (KNUTD). The constituents of the quality management system of educational activity are considered. The subsystems of the automated control system of educational activity of the university have been characterised and analysed. The key elements of the information systems use dare the following electronic databases: students and their academic performance; results of employment; students’ satisfaction with educational programs; distribution of the teaching load; teachers’ performance; learning and teaching resources, facilities, equipment and their cost; other indicators of university activity. In addition to the popular application packages, such as “iZETA”, "The System of Financially-Oriented Management of Higher Education Institutions", and "Anti-Plagiarism", the software products developed by KNUTD are described. Namely, the "Schedule" package allows one to form directories focused on the drawing up of class schedules which are accessible to all divisions. The software "Electronic Journal" provides monitoring of learning outcomes and prompt response to the failure of individual students; it serves for the formation of final control mark sheets, the evaluation of academic success rates of university students, etc. The electronic rating system "RTS rating" is used for the evaluation of research and teaching staff activity according to the results of their work in the reported year. The modular environment of the University's educational process, based on the Moodle distance learning platform, is described. It accumulates the teaching and methodological support necessary for conducting educational activities. The results of the research are of practical value since the implementation of the considered software products is capable of improving the quality and effectiveness of the management of educational activities of higher education institutions.


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Author Biographies

Oksana B. Morgulets, Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, Kyiv

Doctor of Economics, Professor of Department of Entrepreneurship and Business, Director of Staff Training Management Centre

Tetiana M. Derkach, Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, Kyiv

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Chair of Professional Education in Technologies and Design


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