Keywords: labor market, workforce management, professional training, IT manager


The article outlines key trends in the global labor market and Ukraine’s labor market, describes the role of the information technology industry in the global economy and the economy of Ukraine, and establishes the mutual influence of the labor market and IT market trends. The authors analyze the issues of personnel shortages, in particular, IT managers, in the field of IT, in view of the dual nature of IT management. Then they summarize the global workforce management trends for 2017-2018 using Deloitte, EY and PwC data, and compare the problems urgent for workers, on the one hand, and human resources managers, on the other hand. Further they outline the key workforce management trends to watch in 2019 and highlight the expansion of HR managers’ functions and optimization of workforce management approaches and tools due to the labor market change and IT developments. They also single out high-priority workforce management tasks in the opinion of the tech and telecommunications industry. The authors determine the tasks of IT managers in the field of workforce management and stress that these tasks can be taken into account by Ukrainian higher educational institutions when developing and improving their training programs for future IT managers. They emphasize cooperation between IT companies and higher educational institutions aimed at increasing talent density in the IT industry, and give actual examples of such cooperation. They conclude that, on the one hand, IT managers as executives should be aware of the current workforce market trends to help their companies attract talents and manage them effectively using advanced workforce management tools and technologies, and on the other hand, workforce market trends should guide the higher educational institutions that train future IT managers.


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Author Biographies

Larysa B. Lukianova, Ivan Ziaziun Institute of Pedagogical and Adult Education at the NAES of Ukraine, Kyiv
Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor
Olga V. Banit, Ivan Ziaziun Institute of Pedagogical and Adult Education at the NAES of Ukraine, Kyiv
PhD of Pedagogical Sciences
Tetiana V. Goretko, Ivan Ziaziun Institute of Pedagogical and Adult Education at the NAES of Ukraine, Kyiv
PhD student


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