• Oleksandr I. Popovskyi Institute of Information Technologies and Learning Tools of NAPS of Ukraine, Kyiv
Keywords: computer, ergonomics, fan, noise


Relevance of material presented in the article, due to extensive use of high-performance computers to create modern information systems, including the NAPS of Ukraine. Most computers in NAPS of Ukraine work on Intel Pentium processors at speeds from 600 MHz to 3 GHz and release a lot of heat, which requires the installation of the system unit 2-3 additional fans. The fan is always works on full power, that leads to rapid deterioration and high level (up to 50 dB) noise. In order to meet ergonomic requirements it is proposed to іnstall a computer system unit and an additional control unit ventilators, allowing independent control of each fan. The solution is applied at creation of information systems planning research in the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine on Internet basis.

Author Biography

Oleksandr I. Popovskyi, Institute of Information Technologies and Learning Tools of NAPS of Ukraine, Kyiv
ведущий инженер отдела информационных ресурсов и сетевых технологий


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Development and introduction of educational programming and technical tools