• Konstyantyn L. Bugaychuk Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs, Kharkiv
Keywords: personal learning environment, connectivism, web 2.0


Relevance of the material set forth in article stems from a need analysis of contemporary approaches to the learning process, including using the possibilities of the Internet. Recently, on the west attracts attention of researchers' theory of connectivism which is related to the proliferation of social services (services of web 2.0), as well as questions about the nature of a personal learning environment. The author analyzed the term web 2.0, research and its impact on the formation of connectivism and personal learning environment. The study author’s works connectivism theory and their followers, determined the content of the concept of «personal learning environment» and its components, and formed its own views on the nature of this phenomenon.


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Author Biography

Konstyantyn L. Bugaychuk, Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs, Kharkiv
PhD, docent, Senior Researcher of Research Laboratory on crime prevention and interaction with the population


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