• Serhiy S. Danylyuk Cherkasy Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University, Cherkasy
Keywords: Internet technology, blog, professional competence


The topicality of the article is in studying the effect of computer technologies in the process of computerization of education, which is accompanied by making corrections in the content of learning technologies as a result of significant changes in the pedagogical theory and practice of the process of teaching and upbringing. The aim of this paper is investigation of the process of formation of future philologists’ professional competence through the usage of such Internet technologies as a blog. The article deals with highlighting of formation of future philologists’ professional competence in the aspect of usage in the educational process of such Internet technology as a blog. Attention is focused on the problem of defining this Internet technology and its essence in the educational process. A set of characteristic features of blogs is singled in the paper as well as functions performed by blogs are described in it. In addition, the typology of blogs is suggested.


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Author Biography

Serhiy S. Danylyuk, Cherkasy Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University, Cherkasy
Ph.D. in Linguistics, Associate Professor of Conversational English Department of Educational-Scientific Institute of Foreign Languages


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