Vol 15, No 1 (2010)

The issue was approved by the Scientific Board of the Institute of Information Technologies and Learning Tools of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine (Minutes № 2, February 25, 2010)

Table of Contents

By the 10th anniversary of the Institute of Information technology and Learning Tools of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine

Valeriy Yu. Bykov

Theoretical, methodological and scientific backgrounds of computer-focused educational environment

Valeriy Yu. Bykov
Svitlana M. Ivanova
Tetyana V. Kuznetsova

ICT focused pedagogical technologies and information educational resources

Oksana A. Kucheruk
Liudmyla H. Pylypchuk
Olena S. Tselykh

Learning tools in modern pedagogical systems

Anna V. Svietlorusova

Distance learning in modern pedagogical systems

Olha V. Ivaniv

Materials of methodol. seminar "Realization of European experience of competence approach at higher school of Ukraine"

Liudmyla M. Dybkova
Mariia T. Levochko
Nataliia Yu. Titarenko