Frequently Asked Questions

The Editorial Staff communicates with the authors only in writing via the e-mail web-service. The Editorial Staff does not give telephone consultations on the requirements for articles, research issues, terms of reviewing and other questions, as the detailed information on these points is contained in the content of the journal's website. After submitting the article via our online system, the author receives an automatic response - a letter notifying that the article has been received by the editors. If you have questions about reviewing, editing the manuscript, the author can write to the journal’s.address The Editorial Staff responds to the letter within a week. Before submitting the manuscript, we suggest reading the answers to the most common questions from the authors, arranged according to the stage of the editorial process (submission, review, publication).


  1. Is the journal included in Web of Science?

Yes, to Web of Science Core Collection: Emerging Sources Citation Index

See Journal Indexing.

  1. Is the journal included in Scopus?


  1. Is the publication free of charge?


  1. Is it possible authors’ commercial assistance in speeding up the review of the article?

Commercial assistance is in contradiction with the policies of our journal.

  1. Can the author submit several articles at the same time?

The Editorial Staff does not limit the number of articles by one author that are simultaneously under reviewing.

  1. How to submit a manuscript?

To submit your manuscript, you should be a registered user with the role of AUTHOR in the journal. Then, you go to user page and click New Submission. Be attentive. The submission process consists of 5 steps. Each stage is important for completing submission. Do not forget to click SUBMIT at the last step.

  1. I am not sure whether my manuscript fits within focus and scope of the journal.

We recommend that you consult the description of FOCUS and SCOPE, and ARCHIVES sections, to learn more about the articles that we publish.

  1. How long do I have to wait from submission to publication?

There is no exactly determined time from submission of the manuscript to its publication.

  1. What is the rejection rate of manuscripts?

The rejection rate of manuscripts is about 70%.


  1. What does 1/2 or 0/2 mean?

1/2 - one expert’s review is received and another is expected

0/2 - no reviews are received

2/2 - two reviews from two experts are received

  1. My manuscript has been rejected, can I resubmit it?

Usually, when authors receive the rejection letter, editors inform on the reasons why the manuscript failed to pass the initial review. In most cases, the manuscript does not adhere to the author guidelines and some academic standards for scientific paper. Sometimes the manuscripts do not fit within the scope and focus of Information Technologies and Learning Tools. In any case, you should read carefully the description of our journal under FOR AUTHORS, as well as learn ARCHIVES with journal’s publications.

You may resubmit your manuscript after you make sure that it matches the journal requirements and standards or submit it to another, more suitable journal.


  1. Is it possible to make changes in the information about the author, if at the time of submission he worked in one institution, and at the time of publication - in another?

Yes, in the process of preparing the article for publication, inform the editor about the changes.

  1. Is it possible to add an author after the review?


  1. Is it possible to find out an expected issue / volume of the journal where the article will be published?

The formation of each issue is based on many criteria (date of the manuscript submission, language, geography of the author, the content of all sections of the issue, the variety of topics in the articles in the issue, etc.). The final content of the next issue is approved in two weeks before its publication, so it is not possible to provide such information in advance. As soon as the article is selected for publication, our editor will contact you.