• Ivan P. Kriachko Institute of Pedagogy of the NAES of Ukraine, Kyiv
Keywords: astronomy studies, educational astronomy observations, remote access telescopes


The purpose of this article is to show the way of overcoming one of the major problems of astronomy teaching methods in upper secondary school – organization of educational astronomical observations. Nowadays it became possible to perform such observations on remote access telescopes. By using up-to-date informational and communicational technologies, having an opportunity to work with robotic telescopes allows us to organize a unique cognitive and research oriented activities for students while conducting their specialized astronomical studies. Below here is given a brief description of the most significant robotic telescopes and the way of the usage of open remote access telescopic network which was created by professors and scientists of Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, USA.

Author Biography

Ivan P. Kriachko, Institute of Pedagogy of the NAES of Ukraine, Kyiv
researcher of the Department of Biological, Chemical and Physical Education


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ICT and learning tools in secondary education