Keywords: Electronic Learning, Learning Management System, JUMP, JUSUR, Jazan University, Distance Learning


The effective utilisation of technology provides a more collaborative environment to improve the traditional distance learning. Moreover, it has invigorated a new era of discussion from a range of participants including online learners, learning sources, and eLearning managers. The Learning Management System (LMS) is defined as a hub for handling the overall learning framework in Distance/eLearning education. The system is not only capable of covering the Learning process to the Learners but also acts as a bridge between Learners, Instructors, and learning resources. This study describes the key characteristics and functions of the newly deployed LMS at Jazan University called JUMP (Jazan University Multi-Platforms) with an overview of the previous system, JUSUR, which is an Arabic word, meaning Bridges. The emphasis of deploying JUMP as a new LMS by supplanting the former system is to establish a unified eLearning platform for Jazan.


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Author Biographies

Khalid Hussain K. Moukali, Jazan University, Jazan
Assistant Professor and Dean of Faculty of Education
Muhammad Noman Saeed, Jazan University, Jazan
Lecturer Deanship of eLearning & Distance Learning


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ICT and learning tools in the higher education establishments