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individual educational trajectory
educational standards
the purpose of training
career guidance
information and communication technologies

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Y. M. Bogachkov, V. M. Mylashenko, P. S. Ukhan, and Sagadinа O. Y., “ICT INSTRUMENTS FOR DESIGNING INDIVIDUAL EDUCATION PATH FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS”, ITLT, vol. 64, no. 2, pp. 23–38, Apr. 2018, doi: 10.33407/itlt.v64i2.2164.


The subjective and objective models of representation by the pupil of the surrounding world and changes in it are considered. In the context of these models, a formula for the purpose of the student's educational activity and his individual educational trajectory is proposed. The stages of building and realization of the individual educational trajectory (IET) of the pupil are considered in detail. The key functions of each stage are highlighted. For some functions, relevant information and communication tools have been suggested. It is shown that for the IET implementation it is expedient to use integrated information resources. An active prototype of such resource "Educational and Professional Guidance map of Ukraine" (https://edupoi.in.ua) is presented. Special attention is paid to the main element of the career guidance map – the possibility of its combination with the IET. The potential of the combination of career orientation information resources with the IET and the portfolio of the student is analyzed.
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